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(uh-nuh-mih-kah-gay) - Pronounced

This is the Algonquin word for 'welcome.' Here at Café Bouleau, we welcome all genders, race, religions, and sexual orientations. Our community is your community. One coffee, one conversation at a time.  




Indigenous home for food, art, music, & culture. 

Wigwas (Algonquin for birch).

Café Bouleau offers the very best Indigenous coffee, infused gourmet food, art, and music. It's a gathering place where many come to talk, work, and experience an atmosphere that is second to none. 

A place to call your home. 

Real Food. No Secret Ingredients.


(Mee-gwetch) Thank you.

Such a simple word yet means so much. At Café Bouleau, we pride ourselves in bringing a community together. Gathering over coffee, food, music, and art. A place to catch up with others or a time to be creative.

A spot you can call home. 

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